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Longboard Love (Capitola 022213)

Being back on the longboard was a like a vacation. Paddled to the outside in one sec. Zipped around to catch outside peelers. Had one of the those…

More Practice (Capitola 022113)

Swell was much weaker today though there were still waves through low tide. There were only five of us out and interestingly, it was the first time since…

First Ride on the Motorboat (Capitola 022013)

It wasn’t an epic wave or anything, but it was epic-in-my-mind to get a ride the second time out on my Motorboat! We were expecting more of a…

Swell and Rain

Surf check: big, windy onshore and raining.

The Motorboat (Capitola 021813)

So after much research and discussion and some tips from the guy at Billabong yesterday, turns out the 5’2″ Biscuit has too much volume for me but the…

Biscuits for Lunch (Capitola 021613)

Two days ago, Max wanted to stop by Arrow to see if there were any used shortboards that were closer to his height. We saw a Santa Cruz…

Favorite Sesh (Capitola 021113)

Today’s sesh goes down as one of my all-time favorites. Initially had low expectations with an unexpected crowd out (some kind of school holiday) and a building swell….

WNW at Capitola

Mellow Saturday (Capitola 020913)

Pleasantly surprised to find bigger waves on the outside than expected while we did a surf check and ate our food. A seagull swooped up Max’s bag of…

King Low Tide Friday (Capitola 020813)

Smaller today at 2′ but still super fun on a king low tide. Waves were breaking far out past the kelp, rolling in through the middle and reforming…

Still some of that WNW swell (Capitola 020413)

Missed the bigger swell this weekend so I was itching to get out today. WNW swell was fading but still some force out there and good clean waves….

New WNW Swell at Capitola

Lucky (Capitola 013113)

Felt lucky to live in Capitola today. Even though it looked pretty flat initially, as soon as I paddled out, regular small to medium fun waves rolled in….

First Time on the M10 (Capitola 012813)

Small window to surf today in between meetings. Bought a used 6’6″ M10 Tomahawk yesterday from Arrow surf shop on a whim. The board is made by local…

Four Mile

WNW and Offshore (Capitola 012613)

Glad Max said to go out today even though I was indecisive after seeing a huge overhead outside set roll through a couple of hours earlier. It was…